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About Reese, MI

We here at Keyser Chevrolet Buick are very proud to call Reese, Michigan home! In 1865 the Village of Reese was first settled. Located in Tuscola County, Reese is home for nearly 1,500 people. Reese is a rural community with a sound base in agriculture products and farming. A rich tradition of Reese Rocket High School football adds excitement to Friday nights in the fall, just completing their 13th winning season in 17 years. Allow us here at Keyser Chevrolet-Buick to demonstrate the Reese way of small town friendly service!

(Above) - Rick Keyser and Don Petro, player/manager, for the Keyser Chevrolet Buick Thumb Travel Fast-pitch League Division II Championship Team.

(Above) - Reese, MI athletics

(Left) - Keyser Chevrolet Buick little league team.